Bigger Chest Workout

Learn How To Grow Your Chest Aesthetics

Most who train with weights would like a nice and toned chest. However, there are too many who waste time on things that do not necessarily give them a bigger chest. In this article we look at some of the things you should be aware of if you want bigger chest muscles like CALUM VON MOGER.

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1. Build your chest program around press exercises

It is important that the foundation in your chest workout consists of press exercises. There are too many who waste time with a lot of different isolation exercises. Preserved, flyes is an excellent exercise, but you do not need several flyes and crossover variants, if you want a big chest. The press exercises should constitute at least 50% of the breast volume, and in some cases it is all right to run only press exercises. This could be if you follow a full body program.

Bench press

And when we are pressing exercises, it is important to emphasize that the bench press is not a requirement in a sensible chest program. The bench press is a formidable chest exercise, but there are some people who get more out of eg low incline bench press or bench press with dumbbells. There is absolutely nothing by one’s primary chest press exercise is incline bench press instead of regular bench press. Dorian Yates ran for many years incline bench press as his primary chest exercise, and it worked fine for him.

2. Working with different rep ranges

If you want a massive chest, then it is a good idea to work with several different rep ranges. This makes the otherwise applicable for most muscle groups. If you are always running sets of 8 reps in all your exercises, then you will be able to reap new progress if you vary it a little more. It could be, for example, by running the set of 4-6 reps in bench press, set of 6-8 reps Incline bench press and set of 10-12 reps in flyes or crossovers. It works really well to have different rep ranges in a single workout.

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3. Use pre-exhaust supersets

There are many who have trouble getting contact with the pectoral muscle when they train, and feel it more often in the shoulders and arms. It’s a long way an engineering problem, but there are also tools that makes you feel chest better. Pre-exhaust supersets is excellent in this respect. If you make a set of dumbbell flyes within each set in a press exercise, then chest be udtr√¶ttet and you will find it easier felt chest muscle work in the press exercise. A good pre-exhaust superset could be something like the following.

  • Incline dumbbell flyes 4 sets x 8-10 reps
    supersetted with
    Incline dumbbell squeezed 4 sets x 6-8 reps
  • Incline dumbbell pressed

4. Positioning bench is vital

If you want to have good contact with the chest, and be sure that your chest makes it work it needs, so it is important to position themselves correctly on the bench when running the press exercises. Too many is the only flat on the bench, and presses start browsing. True, you do not have a violent Tension as a power lifter, but a minimal Tension is important to get good contact to the chest. Shoulders should be assembled, and the chest must be kept high.

If you are unsure about how to run the bench press with proper form, so it is advantageous to check out this this video out.

5. Drop the ego training in bench press

One of the biggest mistakes many beginners, and for that matter more experienced lifters make is spending too much time on ego workout in the bench press. You often see people take so much weight that they already after 2-3 reps must have the help of his partner behind to reach the number of repetitions they have set out. Forced reps is an okay tool from time to time, but if you use forced reps in virtually all the same workout, then inhibitor to its development dramatically. The body says simply from, and strengthen the development stalls.

The ego-based training is often to blame for poor form where people bouncer rod against the chest, and lies writhing on the bench for the rod up. It increases the risk of injury, and one is injured, so you do not get a large and well-trained breast. So let ego get home and choose a weight where you can run the specified number of repetitions with good form and technique.

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