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@ Everyone else –

This post went up a while before our comments section was very active, so if you happen to be reading it now that the audience has grown, please feel free to add your own thoughts here, or a different perspective if you’d like.

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I have spent the last year or so volunteering for every stray project in sight with hopes of working on something new and interesting while impressing my boss. Too many times I’ve found myself with a burden I wish I’d never laid eyes on. I really need to take this post to heart and make the best with the hand I’ve dealt myself. It’s not too late to stop complaining and do a better job.

My work moral has been pretty low lately and I need to do something to change it. Thanks for the challenge to change my perspective!

July 10, 2008

Hey Chris!

This is my favorite post by far (and I’ve read most of your posts since you started).

My question is how you can a) be good at your job, and b) not have other people steal the credit for your work. Whenever I work hard on a project or organizing an event, people involved get interested and want to claim the right to the results, essentially free-riding on what i did. This irritates me, mostly when people senior to myself are not doing anything at all. However, I hate not getting the work done well.

So I guess somehow, I need to do the work, and do it well, and do it because I want to do it well, and share the results freely? Because of personal leadership? Then why am I having a hard time with this?

Hm… would be curious to hear what you have to say! Best wishes

July 17, 2008

Great article all the way around. The part about accepting blame really resonated with me. It’s amazing how many bosses have really been taken aback when I took responsibility for something that didn’t go as well as it should have. They were so used to people attempting to point the finger at someone else that they didn’t really know how to react. End result: they respected me more and trusted me more.

I’ll pass this on.

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This is a great post with useful tips. I would suggest reading the 48 laws of power by tom greene ( i think thats the author ). its the same sort of stuff

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Patrick – the author is actually Robert Greene. He has another book in a similar vein – 33 Strategies of War. Both are a great read and quite inspirational.

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Definitely solid advice. I will admit that I was guilty of not practicing several of these tenets at my previous job toward the end of my time with the company. I let particular people in upper management get the best of me, and just didn’t like the person that I was becoming. Part of me regrets losing that war, but the other part is proud of the decision that I made to leave to pursue other dreams of mine. For, I might never have come across this blog – everything happens for a reason, right?

University of Florida Biostatistics Open
This page is basically complete except that the PDF activies only have the non-interactive versions for now.
Learn By Doing: Supplemental Examples and Exercises for Unit 4B ( Non-interactive Version )
As we mentioned at the Sperry TopSider Womens Powder Ice Cap Snow Boot Ivory f2fDH
, we will focus only on two-sided tests for the remainder of this course. One-sided tests are often possible but rarely used in clinical research.
CO-4: Distinguish among different measurement scales, choose the appropriate descriptive and inferential statistical methods based on these distinctions, and interpret the results.
LO 4.35: For a data analysis situation involving two variables, choose the appropriate inferential method for examining the relationship between the variables and justify the choice.
LO 4.36: For a data analysis situation involving two variables, carry out the appropriate inferential method for examining relationships between the variables and draw the correct conclusions in context.
CO-5: Determine preferred methodological alternatives to commonly used statistical methods when assumptions are not met.
REVIEW: Unit 1 Case C-Q
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Related SAS Tutorials

Related SPSS Tutorials


In this part, we continue to handle situations involving one categorical explanatory variable and one quantitative response variable, which is case C→Q.

Here is a summary of the tests we have covered for the case where k = 2. Methods in BOLD are our main focus in this unit.

So far we have discussed the two samples and matched pairs designs, in which the categorical explanatory variable is two-valued. As we saw, in these cases, examining the relationship between the explanatory and the response variables amounts to comparing the mean of the response variable (Y) in two populations, which are defined by the two values of the explanatory variable (X). The difference between the two samples and matched pairs designs is that in the former, the two samples are independent, and in the latter, the samples are dependent.

We now move on to the case where k > 2 when we have independent samples. Here is a summary of the tests we will learn for the case where k > 2. Notice we will not cover the dependent samples case in this course.

Notice we will not cover the dependent samples case in this course.

If city bombing ever has a second act, we are all toast.

The Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombings were militarily and politically irrelevant. They were always going to be “demonstrations,” with the nascent nuclear weapons industry as the prime beneficiary. The only question was who would be under the bombs when they were demonstrated. The answer, of course, was the Japanese cities that had been deliberately spared in order to play that role.

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What I find interesting, though, is that it is not clear that Stimson really in his gut accepted non-precision city bombing. Which is a separate issue, but I like to bring it up whenever it is asserted that everyone had accepted the morality of strategic bombing — Stimson himself warned Truman that the US could “get the reputation of outdoing Hitler in atrocities” if it kept up a strategy like it did at Tokyo.

As for them being military “demonstrations,” I agree. And this is the terms in which they targeting planners talked about them : “It was agreed that psychological factors in the target selection were of great importance. Two aspects of this are (1) obtaining the greatest psychological effect against Japan and (2) making the initial use sufficiently spectacular for the importance of the weapon to be internationally recognized when publicity on it is released.”

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Without doing too much research, I can’t find an example of a new weapon that was demonstrated first, prior to actual use. Poison gas, aerial bombardment, rocket weapons, jet planes, etc., all of these were introduced into warfare without much consideration of a demonstration.

And as you mention, would it have done any good? I don’t think so. Even if the Germans had first killed a thousand farm animals in an open field with chlorine, the British and French would not have agreed to a cease-fire.

March 6, 2015 at 3:30 pm

“How could that not look like pure blackmail, pure terrorism?”

But isn’t that a part of how war works? You pound the enemy and then ask for unconditional surrender while promising to continue the destruction if the answer is no. I really believe that coercion, or blackmail, is a fundamental part of war.

I have met many people who think the problem is that the lack of a demonstration is equivalent to a sneak attack without a declaration of war; like the attack on Port Arthur prior to the receipt of a declaration or the attack on Pearl Harbor prior to a receipt of a declaration…those darn Japanese, they are really good at that! It always leads to righteous indignation and venomous hate. That is how the people I have encountered who feel strongly that even if a demonstration did not work should have still been tried.

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